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 Rules of the clan

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PostSubject: Rules of the clan   Sun May 31, 2009 12:51 am

These rules are very very simple:

1. When recruiting try not to flame or trash talk the people on you're team or the enemy (unless they flame or trash talk you first)

2. Good conduct when in clan matches & good sportsmanship

3. Respect other clan members otheerwise it lead you to being kicked out of the clan ( Reason: To Keep the clan organized and together because if you are working together and you don't like someone then we will not be able to work together real good like we should.

4. Try not to be constantly invite clan members into xbox live parties unless needed actually or just send message.

5. When in practice please do not leave for no reason unless you have to go offline( Reason: because we do not want you missing out on anything that we have set for next week.

6. Always respect the leaders when talking try not atleast interrupt them whille talking.

7. Practice makes perfect
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Rules of the clan
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