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 To the recruits being accpeted into the clan

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eD x Jordan

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PostSubject: To the recruits being accpeted into the clan   Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:37 pm

Okay so after being accepted into the clan this is what you will through for the next 3 days (4 really including this day):

1. You are considered a recruit once youre in the clan

2. You will go from practice with other clan members (learning call outs, teamwork, hot spots on each map, discovering spots etc.)

3. Once 3 days are up you will be reviewed by me and the recruiter to see if youre ready to be in the clan officially .... then you are accepted

WARNING! Things to watch out for:

1. Good listening skills

2. Respect

3. Self control & Good Conduct
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To the recruits being accpeted into the clan
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